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The level of knowledge, interest, and commitment to sustainability in UNCG’s curriculum and everyday practices is not easily defined. In hopes of better understanding the cultural mindset here at UNCG and identifying where we are on the path to sustainability, the Academics & Culture group will conduct a comprehensive survey in Fall 2007.

While the full scope of UNCG’s commitment to sustainability is not yet clear, there are already some very positive indicators to speak of:

  • A new Environmental Studies Major was recently developed and will be available Fall 2007.
  • A course specifically focused on Sustainability was developed and offered for the first time last semester. The availability of courses relating to sustainability and the breadth of topics covered in such courses continues to expand.
  • UNCG has a Sustainability Manager, which expresses a commitment to incorporating principles of sustainability within campus operations.
  • In fall 2006, the first University Committee on Sustainability was formed. This committee has over 40 voluntary members and reflects a diverse and widespread interest on campus.
  • Planning for a “Center for Sustainability” has been approved and is now underway.

Academics & Culture Recommendations

  • Assess campus commitment on all levels of administration, faculty, staff, & students in the curriculum and campus life, more broadly Market research survey – to be conducted in Fall 2007
  • Determine which consortium of like-minded institutions we might join & which language best articulates UNCG’s commitment to sustainability
  • Support the planning and establishment of a “Center for Sustainability”

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