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  • Representative: Bill Cunningham
  • Beverly Levine
  • Susan Andreatta
  • Mariam Stephan
  • Laurie O'neil
  • Amanda Jones
  • Terri Carter
  • Greg McAvoy
  • Joel Anderson
  • Libby Irving
  • Steve Moore
  • Alyssa Perry
  • Veronica Grossi
  • Colleen Schorn
  • Katelyn Rafferty

The Campus Dining group has been working with dining services to review best practices, strategize future improvements, and assist the development of a dining services master plan.

UNCG’s current accomplishments in campus dining include “Nature's Healthy Corner”, a small area of the cafeteria offering some locally grown and organic options. The cafeteria also currently practices portion control in dining halls to prevent waste and is working to increase use of recycled products. Finally, a new compost operation with NC A&T and a cooking-oil recycling program are now under development.

Campus Dining Recommendations

  • Finalize & implement compost program w/A&T & cooking oil recycling program
  • Increase purchase of locally grown food in the dining halls and catering services
    Work with local distributors to investigate feasibility.
  • Increase awareness of food-related issues, gauge & increase demand for sustainable dining options
  • Educate students & staff through speakers, publications, film series, etc.
  • Reduce the amount of food waste on campus
    Continue portion control & develop other strategies
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